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    At HOMEGIC, Catherine embodies the spirit of "living nicer." With a passion for culinary arts and a keen gardening eye, her home is a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and heartfelt warmth. Offbeat trails and immersive reads beckon her, but family remains her anchor. Each space she crafts is a testament to love, comfort, and style, ensuring every corner sings of life's simple yet profound joys.219 Articles


    Eric brings to HOMEGIC a vivid panorama of "living nicer" through hands-on creativity and nature's embrace. His DIY projects echo dedication, and his gardens hum with vitality. While kayaking or biking may whisk him away to adventures, family remains his true north. Their shared memories and moments inspire every crafted piece and nurtured plant in his sanctuary.152 Articles


    HOMEGIC under Kim’s touch becomes a canvas of "living nicer." Her culinary adventures are a dance of flavors, and her gardens are a burst of life. Hand-in-hand with her partner, they draw inspiration from nature’s vast palette. It’s the shared stories, meals, and dreams with family that transform their space into a haven of love, taste, and growth.147 Articles


    Ryan's HOMEGIC sphere marries luxury and the ethos of "living nicer." After intense finance-driven days, his haven comes alive with curated wines, gastronomic delights, and tech's latest symphonies. Subtle piano melodies hint at uncharted passions. But at the heart of his luxurious space, it's the shared moments with family that truly define elegance and comfort.144 Articles


    On HOMEGIC, Matthew weaves "living nicer" into a compelling tapestry. His once-forgotten countryside retreat now stands rejuvenated, echoing his vision and craftsmanship. Sailing dreams often drift through his thoughts, yet it's the shared laughter, stories, and moments with family that breathe soul into every room, nook, and corner.138 Articles